GLOBAL SOUTH from Jorge Molina Lamothe on Vimeo.

Why The Global South @www?

The independent monthly e-Journal for Global Interdependence was launched in 1999 as our humble contribution to making Internet an instrument of continuous self-education, an agile forum for world wide communication and interaction - in the interest of a more informed, a more just, a more participatory and a more democratic world.

The Global South @www is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, who has a computer and a modem. You do not need a password to read or download.

The very name of this e-Journal is intended to underline that as globalisation engulfs the globe - with ideological barriers falling - the South, which has become an acronym for poverty, knows no frontiers. We have the South in the North, an acronym for prosperity, and the North in the South.

This is what The Global South @www focuses on the Global South - without any intention of launching on an ideological campaign. But with the distinct objective of highlighting facts. In doing so, we refer to a plethora of studies being conducted by organisations of the United Nations system, in the countries of the South as well as by South-oriented, European and North American institutions. It is a vast and fascinating world of knowledge that lies hidden in the World Wide Web out there.

But who is behind The Global South @www? It is now the Globalom Media - a transatlantic venture based in Canada and in Germany. The Globalom Media also publishes the independent South Asian e-Journal South Asian Outlook.

We invite you to join us in the common cause of creating greater awareness about global interdependence in a world that continues to get smaller and narrower.

Join us at the Global Cooperation Council - our partner.